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Smoke Break

Leon curry

Even though the stigma about marijuana is fading...the tacky paraphernalia seems to be a mainstay. Is it really hard to believe not all smokers are into tie dye and lava lamps? Where are the bongs, pipes, hookahs, for the more discerning stoner? Steamulation set out to solve that problem with its minimal and sculptural hookahs. They are beautiful to look at and I hear they smoke like a dream. I believe in collecting special things and this is def a piece for your personal archive.

What am I listening to?

Leon curry

First....Let's start with this insane beat!! To all the 80's and early 90's babies out there who have unbound love for Ms. Erykah Badu, you will absolutely love this song. It's been on repeat for days now!


Leon curry

Every now and then there comes an app that you must have...and will even pay for. Well today is that day! We all know and love the iconic internet sensation Joanne the Scammer, we have their gifs and memes probably saved in our favorites folder just waiting for a gif war to pop off. Today Joanne has scammed their way into their own app! Scamoji! This app is your one stop Joanne tech stop. And the scam (and part of the satire we like to believe) is that it cost $1.99. Brandon we love and support you!! Download it in the app store!!

Doc of the Day!.That B.E.A.T

Leon curry

I love that BEAT! Bounce music is a unique art form in that it has pretty much stayed exclusive to New Orleans. Unlike other genres of black music that have traveled and adapted into other cultures, bounce, due to copyright issues is almost a last frontier of untouched creativity in music. It's energetic and even healing when you are busting a twerk after a long day of putting up with BULLSHIT!! My favorite Bounce track is Rock Like Cree by the late Messy Mya. I love it because, like classical music, it has movements that transport you to a different place. Take a listen and search the web for more Bounce!


Hot in Harlem - The insta-Editorial

Leon curry

Harlem is one of the coolest places in New York. Form Langston to Big L, Harlem has been home to some of the world's greatest artist. The architecture, the vibe, the coolness that is Harlem is the backdrop for our latest editorial. Photographer Larry Rosalez


ICON: Prince

Leon curry

Yesterday we were dealing with negative comments about the type of clothes we make. One commenter said No man should dress like this.

The funny thing is that most of these men are insecure and horribly dressed. They probably couldn't form an independent thought if their lives depended on it.

Prince left this world today. He was and continues to be loved by so many people from all walks of life. Prince was art and inspired us to also be art! To take up space, to be loud, to be sexy, and not bothered by it! He taught us to go there and own it!!


We are going to miss you!



Power Anthem!

Leon curry

I'm doing SO SO SO SO SO GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD! This is a power song to let the world know, they may have counted you out, but you always gonna stay winning!!


Leon curry

Today we honor you! lmao take 20% off your purchase with code: LET ME GET A DUB


Leon curry

@HaroWatch - instagram

@HaroWatch - instagram

Meet Harold. He is an NYC based creative. He expresses himself through fashion and photography. We really love this look because it is so airport chic. Something about tube socks and a kimono is so PLM!

Who Wears The Pants?

Leon curry

Skirts and menswear have gone hand in hand since the beginning of time. Skirts pre-date trousers. With the trend in the spotlight again a lot of people are confused by men in skirts. Our take? Sometimes you get tired of joggers and jeans. Our camo skirt is so comfortable and subtle that it feels like wearing cargo shorts. Are you a little nervous to try? Don't be, because pretty soon everyone will be doing their take on men's skirts!

The great this is that it is a really versatile piece for young fashion gods. You can be very casual and style is with an oversize tee (ArtSmock) or dress it up with a pair of loafers and a button down.


This is advanced mens style…and if somebody don't like it…Fuck em'!


Young Gifted and Black.

Leon curry

Young gifted and black!

Why is this so important to us? There are companies out there that don't think black is aspirational. We have a responsibility to change that. We aren't anti anybody, but we do promote black, we promote queer, we promote love! Living in a world where the message is constantly "You don't matter", "You don't matter right now", "You can wait"…It's nice to hear YOUNG GIFTED and BLACK.


Leon curry

Were can you begin when you talk about James Baldwin?

His writing, his thinking, is just beautiful and timeless. If you read his work today it is still very relevant. He was a bad ass basically.


His style is something we barely recognize. Jimmy was subtle but all about an accessory. Get into the sunglasses, the ties, the rings, the boots. His personal style, like his writing, was classic.

Everyone should have a uniform. You can see Mr. Baldwin believed in tailoring and light colors. It inspires us to take a look at our wardrobe to discover the theme and play it up.