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Leon curry

There are days when I wish I could log into my old myspace account (dating myself, I know). Myspace was not only the first place my freak ass sent and received nudes, but also the first place I got to talk to a lot of really talented artist. I remember being in college and coming across some work that really spoke to me. I messaged the artist to see what I could get on a college student budget. We worked out something for a small piece and the artist was only going to charge me a couple hundred bucks... Sadly I didn't buy it. I probably got shoes or something...Maybe even spent it at Wal-Mart or the club. Again, I was a young wild college kid. Fast Forward a few years and Hebrew Brantley, the artist, is now a worldwide name. Kayne and Chris Brown are just a few people who collect his work. His paintings tell the story of black kids (to me). I do kick myself every time I think about it because his work is worth thousands now. One day I will add him to my dream collection!