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Watermelon Salad Recipe Via  The Gypsy Chef

Watermelon Salad Recipe Via The Gypsy Chef

The goal for a summer weekend in the city is to look effortless with some points of interest... the art of put together dishevelment will stylishly take you from day to night. Somewhere between brunch and the hotel rooftop party you will most likely end up at you will probably want to have a light snack in one of New York's beautiful parks (Washington Square Park is one of my favorites). Since we are trying to keep it light...The perfect in-between event snack is Watermelon Salad and canned Rose'. This salad is tasty and will help you stay hydrated, while the Rose' will help you maintain that buzz. You can not beat the simplicity of this dish. It's easy but far from basic. Lets not forget about your skin! It can get pretty muggy out here but you can maintain your skins cleanliness and moisture but spritzing with my favorite facial product...Rose water.